Cannot see graph in GraphEdit
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2007-09-04 06:35:34 UTC
I've written a simple application which plays video files.
I can use "Connect to Remote Graph" to see the graph in one PC(IBM
ThinkPad R52).
But when I run the application in another PC(IBM ThinkPad X60), launch
GraphEdit and connect to remote graph, I see nothing in the graph. I
am sure the graph is connected because I can use play, pause and stop
buttons to control the graph. But I just cannot see any filter in the
graph. If I save the blank graph in .GRF file and load the file again,
the filters appear.
I don't think its a hardware issue, so I re-install Windows again, but
in vain. I still cannot see the graph.

The OS and development tools in both PCs are the same:
Windows XP SP2
Visual Studio 2005
Windows SDK for Vista

Please help me to solve this issue, thanks!
The March Hare [MVP]
2007-09-04 12:54:47 UTC
Post by g***@gmail.com
I've written a simple application which plays video files.

How did you miss all the posts in this newsgroup that say "This
newsgroup is no longer active"?

I recommend you read one of them.
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MVPs.org site http://www.mvps.org
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