Time not changing while fast forwarding
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2007-03-21 05:42:50 UTC

I developed a Source Filter

I am playing MP4 files in Windows media player with my source filter
on Windows Mobile 6.0 standard edition.

I expected a call to IMediaSeeking::GetCurrentPosition() function
while fast forwarding the media, so that time will be updated on the
screen while fast forwarding.But that does not happening.

Actually when i play a file (using my source filter) time is changing
regularly on windows media player screen, but when i am fast
forwarding, time is not changing on windows media player screen. While
i am fast forwarding , it shows the time when i pressed fast forward
button, and after release it shows correct time.

Eg: If i start pressing fast forward button at 5th sec, windows media
player will show 00:05 while i am fast forwarding and if when i
this button after some time it will show new time, may be 01:05,
depending on the time we pressed fast forward button.

I found that following functions are called while fast forwarding


I have tried many ways to change time while fast forwarding by
augmenting these functions, but i did not any solution.

So, where i may need to update the time to see changing time while
fast forwarding media, it can help the user to know, up to which
point, he fast forwarded the media.

I am working on Windows Mobile 6.0 plotform and using
WindowsMediaPlayer provided by it for playing file.

waiting for Ur reply..

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2007-03-21 12:37:41 UTC
Post by shiva
I developed a Source Filter

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