Problem with ASF writer and WMP 11
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2006-12-08 13:24:25 UTC
Hello everybody!

We create ASF files using WM AsfWriter DirectShow filter.
Video and audio streams we have are already compressed, so we do it as
described in MSDN article "To Create ASF Files Using Third-Party
And everything was fine until we installed Windows Media Player 11
(which replaced the qasf.dll with a new version).
Now an error occurs when source Video output pin is connecting to the
AsfWriter's Video input pin (and audio pins also).
Does anybody know what should be done to handle this issue?
May be guys from Microsoft team could have a look into the problem?

Thank you!

PS: Below is the exception's trace that could probably help:

version 1.1 (Created at 4/2006/17 56:851968, Filesize = 3801155
exception report.
System details:
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2
(Build 2600)
Memory (physical): 1120/1525
Memory (page file): 1850/2131
Memory (virtual): 1928/2047
Memory (usage): 26

Exception Details:

Exception code: 0xC0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION
Fault address: 0x10B03A90 0x01:0x00012A90 C:\WINDOWS\system32\qasf.dll

Call stack:

Address Frame Function SourceFile
0x10B03A90 0x0012BD48 0x0001:0x00012A90 C:\WINDOWS\system32\qasf.dll
0x04763974 0x044B4E08 DllMain+0x1C14
2006-12-08 18:43:49 UTC
Do you have any other specific information about the failure?
Please, see my messages in the thread named "Script stream and
proprietary video stream".

Alessandro Angeli
2006-12-11 05:13:55 UTC
From: "Jeremy Noring"
As of late, we've been having a lot of customers in the
last two weeks getting NS_E_VIDEO_CODEC_ERROR from our
WMWriter instances when they call BeginWriting(). I
suspect some sort of update has occured that may cause
this to fail, because out of the blue we've received
several reports of the error. I'll let you know if I
find anything, but I'm still researching the issue. It
is quite possible that something in WMP11 introduced some
Since I installed the WMF11 runtime (not WMP11 but just the
runtime from the WMF11 SDK), an application I use that has
always worked flawlessly for years suddenly stopped working.
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