Change capture resolution for MCE-compatible tv tuner
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2007-02-05 14:35:23 UTC

I have an AverTV cardbus MCE card and I'm working on program to
capture the MPEG2-compressed video.
It is not a problem to build a graph and record video, but I'm
wondering how to set custom capture resolution (e.g. 352x240 instead
of default 704x480)? What interface should I use for that?

On older cards, which do not have hardware compressor, it was not a
problem to change resolution using Capture pin's IAMStreamConfig
interface. But here this way does not work because encoder filter is
connecred to the "Analog ITU Video" pin, which media type does not
have VIDEOINFOHEADER structure.

Thanks in advance,
The March Hare [MVP]
2007-02-05 14:49:40 UTC
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