Filter with multiple input pin
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2006-06-12 06:02:47 UTC

I tried to create a filter with two inputs.I followed infintee sample
from SDK.But Iam facing problems like...

In GetPin Method I added things like

CBasePin *CTee::GetPin(int n)
if (n < 0)
return NULL ;

// Pin zero is the one and only input pin
if (n == 0)
return &m_Input;
else if(n==1)
return &m_Input1; /* my new input pin. I have added this in the
AMOVIESETUP_PIN similar to m_Input and also I have corrected
AMOVIESETUP_FILTER having no of pins to 3.

// return the output pin at position(n - 1) (zero based)
return GetPinNFromList(n - 1);


Problem is when I add

else if(n==1)
return &m_Input1;
the output pin disappears. DOn't know why.

Please tell me what to do?

The March Hare [MVP]
2006-06-12 14:09:35 UTC
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